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Do you want to eliminate the need for your contact lenses or prescription glasses? Have you considered LASIK to restore your vision but are concerned with enduring surgery? With Orthokeratology, at EyeSee Vision Solutions in Lincolnshire, you can now abandon your prescription glasses or contacts and finally achieve acute, unobstructed vision without undergoing LASIK. In short, Orthokeratology safely reshapes your eyes through the nightly usage of therapeutic contact lenses. 

What vision conditions can be corrected through this method? Orthokeratology can treat near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia! 

Why do some people need glasses or contacts to improve their vision? Failing to see properly is because the patient’s retina is unable to receive incoming information. This means there is an anatomical deformity, usually of the cornea, that prevents light and images to focus on the retina.  

So how could this work without a surgical procedure? The lenses work overnight to reverse these malformations. The orthokeratology lenses contain a specific curvature tailored to your respective eye that functions to reshape your cornea so the images and light you intake focus directly on the retina. 

How long do the lenses stay in? The lenses are inserted before sleeping and removed upon waking.

How long is the total process? The duration of applications differs according to the patient’s respective prescription strength. However, in general, the process can take between one to four weeks. 

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