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Repairs and corrections are unavoidable facets of owning prescription eyeglasses. Whether the fit needs maintenance or the material is damaged and the glass needs to be repaired, service is inescapable. Unfortunately, these augmentations can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Luckily for EyeSee patients, we have you covered! As a patient of ours, we not only offer a free assessment of your eyewear, but free repairs as well. Your satisfaction, as a member of our care services, is of utmost importance to us and we work perpetually to ensure that your vision needs are always met. So next time you need glass repair or eyeglass adjustments in Lincolnshire you know where to go!    

More Services


One hour glasses service

We believe in making your visit as effortless as possible and are pleased to be able to provide you with this service. 


Custom Frames and Lenses

At EyeSee, custom contact lenses and eyeglass frames are our forte.

Other Services


Medical services

Accurate diagnosis of even the most minor deviations in the state of your eyes and eyesight, timely effective treatment and surgery using the latest equipment.


Safety glasses

It is imperative that goggles and glasses designated for safety purposes exhibit superior impact resistance as opposed to their routine eyewear counterparts