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It is imperative that goggles and glasses designated for safety purposes exhibit superior impact resistance as opposed to their routine eyewear counterparts. This heightened strength is manifested through the bolstering of the lenses and frames alike. Without possessing this advanced resistance, conventional prescription glasses and goggles cannot be classified as “safety” eyewear. As of today, safety lenses are categorized as either basic impact or high impact. 

What has EyeSee done about this? We choose to provide our patients with optimal care by only utilizing high impact lenses. 

How can you purchase safety eyewear? These glasses and goggles can be bought with a valid prescription created and authenticated by a licensed eye care professional. 

Are there supplementary customization options for safety glasses and goggles? Yes. An anti-reflective coating can be applied to safety glasses or goggles to diminish the presence of potentially distracting reflections. One caveat, however, is that when adding this anti-reflective finish to the eyewear, the impact resistance of the lenses may be attenuated. Therefore, resistance examinations are mandated following the application.



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